Financial Statement Audit & Assurance

The benefits of an audit are numerous.

Audits can improve an organization’s efficiency and profitability by helping management better understand their own financial systems. Risks in the organization are well-studied and controls are in place.

No matter why you need an audit – for regulatory compliance, a loan application, to meet trustee or shareholder requirements, a merger or other reason – Hofstra, Bott & Kraft can meet your need thoroughly and reliably.

The firm serves many different industries, but we are especially knowledgeable in not-for-profit audits. We’re right-sized for your organization. We’re small enough to give you personalized, attentive and cost-effective service, yet have the resources of a large firm. We’re flexible in scheduling our site work. We come when it’s convenient for you and your staff. We offer engagement team continuity.

Because our turnover is low, you’ll be served by many of the same professionals throughout an engagement and over the years. We’re based in the communities we serve so we’re more accessible and responsive than firms with distant headquarters.

State and Federal Audit Support

IRS and State audit notices frighten most tax payers. The tax professionals at Hofstra, Bott & Kraft can help you survive an audit. We have a lot experience helping clients complete audits with a minimal amount of disruption and stress.

Our CPAs know how to organize your return to show your position to best advantage. Before the scheduled audit appointment we will work with you to clarify and justify those areas questioned. We will help you show an auditor the information requested in a straight-forward, factual manner.

When questioned numbers result from the taxpayer viewing tax rules in a way not initially understood by the auditor, we help present and argue for your responsible interpretation of the rules.