Our favorite time to consult about your business is before your business has even been born. We’re great at working up business plans, charting paths and putting together myriad puzzle pieces.

But if you already have a business, and you want that business to grow and prosper, we like to do that too. We can come up with short-term and long-range plans that, in turn, guide you through the day-to-day.

  • Computerized Accounting Consulting

Are you new to QuickBooks? We can help set it up to make data entry easier and reporting smooth. Have you been struggling with QuickBooks for awhile now? We probably know why and we can make it go away.

Besides helping your business and personal tax needs, our firm excels at bookkeeping, software, payroll and more.

We especially love setting up software (Quickbooks, Peachtree, Excel, Lotus and others) to make things easier on you — and easier on your accountant. We’ll get you started and we’ll support you the rest of the way. Not sure what software fits your needs? We can help with that, too.

  • Quickbooks/Peachtree Consulting

Hofstra, Bott & Kraft is highly trained to help optimize the way that your company works with Quickbooks and Peachtree programs. We offer new client setup that will help reduce errors in your transactions and produce the most accurate reporting available within the program.